Are you a musician looking for a new way to play?  Do you like to sing? Have you ever wanted to take over a public place and fill it with music?  Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete amateur,

Mass Appeal is for you!

The idea behind Mass Appeal is “concerts performed by anyone who wants to perform!”  Unlike a traditional ensemble, there is no audition process – Mass Appeal is open to anyone.  It’s the perfect way to develop your chops, to meet new players, and to be part of a uniquely Winnipeg experience.

Each Mass Appeal concert is conducted by a professional musician who has developed a repertoire that’s easy to learn and has a part for players of every skill level.  We will have professional accompanists, proper sound, and everything else you need to put on a real show.  Music selections are programmed with everyone in mind, so Mass Appeal Winnipeg is a perfect way to come together and celebrate our city through music.

Mass Appeal Winnipeg concerts

  • are free to attend
  • are performed by amateur and professional musicians of all skill levels
  • take place in all kinds of publicly accessible spaces
  • feature a wide variety of music
  • build community through shared arts experience

How does it work?

Each Mass Appeal event has a Music Director who knows the genre/discipline and can create a 30 minute program of music. Anyone interested can access the music ahead of time and rehearse on their own, and then show up at the appointed time and location. Bring your sheet music and your instrument, and the Music Director conducts the rehearsal and concert.

What kinds of music are performed?

Music that is open and accessible, which appeals to a wide cross-section of citizens.  It encompasses everything from pop hits to classical standards, with the common theme being that everyone can take part!

In order to participate:

Download the music and read the conductors notes, watch and listen to the samples provided and then, as the saying goes, practice practice practice!  When the day of the show arrives, bring your instrument and your music, as well as a music stand and chair if you need one, to the rehearsal.  That’s when the music director will run through everything with the group.  You’ll have a chance to ask questions or figure out anything you haven’t been able to on your own, and then the concert will take place!

If you have questions:

Use the Contact page on our website or tweet us at @WinnipegArts

Have a look at the origins of the first Mass Appeal back in 2016: