Mass Appeal Winnipeg is a series of free public concerts presented by the Winnipeg Arts Council. Each event is themed on a single type of instrument, performed by anyone who wants to participate.  It’s an inclusive arts experience that allows everyone to take part, whether they choose to be a performer or an audience member.

Each Mass Appeal concert is a 30 minute program of music to be performed under the guidance of a Music Director who has prepared a repertoire suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. The repertoire and charts are posted on line through the Mass Appeal Winnipeg website managed by the Winnipeg Arts Council.

Mass Appeal Winnipeg concerts

  • are free to attend
  • are performed by amateur and professional musicians of all skill levels
  • take place in all kinds of publicly accessible spaces
  • feature a wide variety of music
  • build community through shared arts experience

How does it work?

Each Mass Appeal event has a Music Director who knows the genre/discipline and can create a 30 minute program of music. Anyone interested can access the music ahead of time and rehearse on their own, and then show up at the appointed time and location. Bring your sheet music and your instrument, and the Music Director conducts the rehearsal and concert.

What kinds of music are performed?

Music that is open and accessible, which appeals to a wide cross-section of citizens.  It encompasses everything from pop hits to classical standards, with the common theme being that everyone can take part!